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weather forecast prognoza pogody The farmers here depend heavily on the weather forecast.
earthquake trzęsienie ziemi The San Francisco earthquake was one of greatest catastrophes of the 20th century.
bay zatoka Our hotel was located by a very picturesque bay.
wave fala A red flag on the beach signals high waves and possible danger for swimmers.
blizzard zamieć (śnieżna) Heavy blizzards are approaching from the West.
freezing lodowaty How can you wear no cap in this freezing weather?
eruption wybuch wulkanu After the volcano erupted the whole island to exist.
thunderstorm burza z piorunami Even the thunderstorm didn't wake him from his heavy sleep.
sunset zachód słońca We gazed in wonder at the sunset over the lake.
coastline linia brzegowa The Norwegian coastline is very long.
oasis oaza The weary desert travellers spied the oasis in the distance.
meridian południk The 0 meridian line crosses through Greenwich.
jungle dżunla They were fighting for survival in the heart of the Amazon jungle.
island wyspa The perfect holiday would be on a desert island somewhere with my dog.
to clear up przejaśniać się The sky's finally cleared up, and we were able to go outdoors.
to cloud over chmurzyć się The sunny sky suddenly clouded over and it started raining.
mist mgła, mgiełka The morning mist over the lake started to lift.
element żywioł (woda, wiatr, ogień, ziemia) The sea is a dangerous element.
flash of lightning błysk pioruna The photograph showed a flash of lightning hitting the tree.
hemisphere półkula (np. Ziemi) South America is the biggest continent in the southern hemisphere.